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Describe one of your favorite photographs

# Describe one of your favorite photographs – when the photograph was taken – what it looks like – why you like it Answer:- Well, I always click the number of photos on different sorts of occasions like a birthday party, wedding, school and college functions. But, now I would …

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Describe your favorite restaurant

# Describe your favorite restaurant where it is what it looks like from inside and outside what kinds of food they serve   Answer:- Well, restaurant, when I’m tired from my stress and work that time first thing comes in my mind it is food. In that situation, I prefer …

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Describe your favourite film:-

# Describe your favourite film:- -when and where you saw it -what type of film it was -what the film was about -and explain why it is your favourite film Answer:- Nowadays, everyone busy in the studies and work as well as, they do not have enough time for entertainment …

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Describe a library you visit

# Describe a library you visit:- – Where the library is located – When you visit this library – Why you visited there – Why did you like this library? explain it? Answer:- Well, I visited a lot of libraries during my school and college days but, here I would …

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